Tandys Top Shelf is Now Called Tandy's Pub
Go to their New Website: www.tandyspub.com/

Once known as Tandys Top Shelf, thus the website name of Top Shelf, Tandy’s Pub now has a new website (tandyspub.com). This is an archived version of the old website, Top Shelf, with some additional information from other sources.

I am assuming that Tandy's let their old domain expire when they build their new site. But then I discovered that the domain was available I bought it with the goal of giving Tandy's even more exposure on the web. Obviously I'm a fan of the restaurant and why not promote the restaurant from their old domain while they promote themselves from their new site.

Tandy’s Top Shelf is located in downtown Concord, New Hampshire in the historic Eagle Square.

1 Eagle Square
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 856-7614

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Tandy’s Top Shelf is known for its happy hour that extends from 2 pm-10 pm every day. Dine, drink or dance. Tandy’s features two bars and during the warmer months, a lovely full service outdoor patio.  Nightly entertainment that ranges from weekly open mics and karaoke, to live DJ’s and dancing, makes this restaurant / bar Concord’s destination of choice for those looking for half-priced drinks, and a good time. You’ll need to check Tandys Top Shelf new website for their schedule of events.


Tandys Top Shelf Menu

(may have changed on new website)



Sandwiches And Wraps



Vegetarian Menu

Soups And Salads





Wine List



12 oz New York Strip Steak 
12 oz strip cooked to your choice of temperature served with choice of potato and vegetable.

Tandy's Signature Steak Tips 
Tender chipotle lime marinated steak tips skewered and served with choice of potato and vegetable.

Mediterranean Falafel
Lamb, and hummus platter served with pita, tomato, feta, lettuce and cucumber sauce.

Scallop & Asparagus Baked Brie
Grilled sea scallops, asparagus tips, and brie baked together in a light pastry shell served with sweet cranberry chutney.

Chicken Marsala 
Pan seared chicken breast topped with our house Marsala sauce and served with a dinner salad and choice of potato and vegetable.

Eggplant Parmesean
Deep fried eggplant smothered with marinara and mozzarella cheese served with linguini and a dinner salad.

Olde Fashioned Turkey Dinner
Fresh baked turkey, mashed potato, candied carrots, cranberry chutney, gravy, stuffing and a cornbread.

Chicken Dipper Platter
Fried until golden brown and served with fries and choice of cherry pineapple, BBQ or honey mustard dipping sauce, fries or fresh baked kettle chips and coleslaw.

Baked Stuffed of Fried Haddock
Choice of baked stuffed or fried haddock served with choice of potato and vegetable.

Cajun or Lemon Pepper Sea Scallops
Tender sea scallops served with choice of potato and vegetable.

Garlic Shrimp with Pesto Linguini 
Grilled garlic shrimp on a bed of pesto linguine topped with sun dried tomatoes.  

Deep Fried Sea Scallops. 
Tender sea scallops fried golden brown served with choice of potato and coleslaw.

Surf 'n' Turf
New York Strip and Red Hook Beer Battered Shrimp served with choice of potato and coleslaw.

Seafood Trio
The perfect combination of fried sea scallops, Red Hook Beer Battered Shrimp and fried haddock served with choice of potato and coleslaw.                     

Add Salad Bar & Buffet to an Entrée



"I was a regular here, kind of lived in the place for several years. It was kind of home for me so I got in on all the goings on including the rumors. There was one great one about a fugitive from NYC hiding in the basement space. The staff kept finding stuff down there that suggested someone was trying to hook into their internet connection. Another time, someone dumped what looked like bloody bandages in the garbage bins. It turned out that one unscrupulous scammer was promising to properly dispose of medical waste, but instead was dumping it in private trash receptacles. Management had already lined up a medical waste disposal service to get rid of it, when the culprits were caught and forced to pick up their mess. It was the top story on the local news for weeks.

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Anyway, I have fond memories of hanging out at the "old" Tandys Top Shelf. Just a reminder that the food, however fantastic, was never the total story." Don Travers


Some Early Reviews



July 11, 2011
Tech Talk at Happy Hour!!

A team of us from the company I work for were in Brooklyn working with a large organization helping them with their Salesforce CRM. We're all techies. Our job directive was to work on specialized app development for Salesforce for this company's mobile applications. We had just finished the initial stage of the job and wanted to celebrate. One of the company's IT guys suggested Top Shelf. He said "Happy Hour is the Best. And if you like karaoke, this is the night to go." None of us had ever been to New England and we were all crazy karaoke nuts, so we were all in for the adventure. So while we ate some amazingly good food- loved that lobster roll which apparently isn't always available, we discussed the ins and outs of Salesforce's programming language, APEX along with how we would be able to support every aspect of the software and product development life cycle of Salesforce. We has finished the feasibility analysis, user experience design, and prototyping, and were now ready to development some great scalable, winning solutions. I did say we are techies. Well as the evening wore on we abandoned shop talk and got into the karaoke. We'll be back when we don't have to get up early the next morning. You can be sure. Next time I want to try the scallops.

June 5, 2011
Four Stars-But Staff Needs More Training

For those of us who have lived in the Concord, NH area for any length of time, you know this location has seen three or four restaurants come and go. Perhaps this time, the newest eatery, Tandy’s Top Shelf, might just make it.

The main restaurant rooms are nicely appointed, and there’s a “back room” area that can accommodate large gatherings. The ambiance is good. The two different dishes I’ve tried have been excellent.

I would have given Tandy’s Top Shelf s a 5-star rating but some of the staff need an attitude change. I don’t know if they are inexperienced or are always in a bad mood, perhaps they were tired out after the New Year.  Good personable staff can make a huge difference in the diners’ experience.

Dishes Tried & Liked

Fresh Berry and Shrimp Salad 
A colorful mix of fresh flavors, the fresh berry and shrimp salad is a tasty deal for a lunch or dinner entree.

Lobster Roll 
When their seasonal lobster roll is available, it’s my favorite choice. The chef goes light on the mayo, letting the lobster carry the taste. Delicious, delicious!!

November 22, 2010
Great Quick Lunch Spot

Tandy’s is a great addition to the Concord area. We live about an hour away, yet we stop in frequently if passing through Concord to attend our kids’  high school sporting event or when we have business in Concord itself. Tandy’s Top Shelf offers a fast lunch menu that is very reasonably priced.  We have found that the menu has a little bit of Americana for everyone’s taste. The chef includes his / her own twist on casual dining classics for a bit of a change.

Our kids love dinner at Tandy’s which is priced right for our pocketbookThe one time that we stopped in later in the evening, the place was really alive.
I highly recommend Tandy’s for easy casual dining.  Hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.